Fire Extinguisher Training

Our courses are specifically designed to make the training as informative and enjoyable as possible. All training is independent and covered by fully qualified operational firefighters/instructors and conform to the 2005 Fire Safety Act

You will have by law fire Extinguishers to deal with a small fire In the work place. 88% of all work related fires are put out by Extinguishers so you can see their importance.

Who is trained to use them? In our experience not many so you are putting your staff and organisation at risk from injury, claims or prosecutions. As per 2005 act your staff should receive adequate training in their use. This course covers:-

The law, Statistics ,

Types of Extinguishers, Tests and checks

Risk Assessing before their use

Fire development, Fire Hazards

Classes of fire

Extinguisher identification and correct use on Fire type.

Practical use on real fires

The course is given by a fully qualified operational Fire Instructor. All candidates receive a certificate of attendance which is valid for 3 years

Enquire now to see when there is a course near you or for us to come and do a group session at your work place. Course approx. 1.5hrs